Is the Future Scary?

Is the Future Scary?

Isn`t it amazing what changes are happening all around us? Every day, every minute, second, or even nanosecond?

And most of the changes we are not even aware of. Imagine that our body cells are being replaced by about one percent daily! That is about 330 billion cells, every day! That is almost 4 million cells per second.

That happens unnoticed, not unlike breathing. It’s a given. And that is very comfortable.
Events that occur in a far distant place do touch us but do not necessarily scare us.

What might scare us are events close by and changes we can either not control or endanger our level of comfortability.

And you might feel that the events lately, and the inevitable changes that are coming are overwhelming, as they are happening already and possibly without our consent.

We as humans do not want radical changes. Radical changes mean more often than not that the outcome is uncertain. Predictability is becoming more difficult.

And we want to know. Need to know if the changes are worthwhile. Do we come out at the better end of the change?
And what can we do if we can not stop the changes that are coming anyways?

We can dig our heads into the sand, sit on the couch and watch one series after the next, take drugs, drink alcohol, and wait and see what happens. We can become scared, and anxious about the future and consume every day with our thoughts of what may be.
We can live every day and pretend that the changes and events do not concern us.

But we can also be part of it!

And especially if you feel scared/wary of what the future looks like, ask yourself a question:

“What if I embrace change and the future? What would I do differently today?”

Contemplate this for a bit and see how this feels, not only in your mind but also in your cells.

Maybe 30 Trillion body cells scream “Lets-Go”

Come and Lets-Talk about it!