This beautiful smile!


This beautiful smile!

Where is it? It must be somewhere! Don´t hide it, let it out. Show your teeth and smile.

That face in the mirror, smile at it!
Feel what happens!

That cashier at the till, smile, look at the name tag and use that name to say good morning.
See what happens!

That colleague you see every day, but don´t really know, smile and ask how their evening was.
See what happens!

That bus driver, a face in a bus, every day, smile at the driver and wish him a safe day!
See his face!

The neighbor in the elevator, that we never spoke to, smile and wish them a happy day!
See what happens!

The car driver that wants to enter the road, wait, smile, give way by waving them in!
See what happens!

Have you ever noticed how a driver you give way to enter the road also allows other drivers to enter more likely afterward?

It’s a ripple effect, and you started the ripple with every kind act, your smile, your patients, your observations.

And it will change you. How beautiful is that! So show your teeth and smile

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