Hypnosis with Armaan

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“Hypnosis is a very effective method to dive deep beyond the surface of our perception, and bring long lasting changes. The possibilities are endless, as is our struggle to change if we can´t explore a new direction when nothing worked before.”



Here a shortened version of what Hypnosis is, and what it is not:

A more extended Version is available in our "Thoughts" section!

  • Hypnosis is a trance-like mental state in which clients experience increased attention, concentration, and suggestibility. While hypnosis is often described as a sleep-like state, it is better expressed as a state of focused attention, and heightened suggestibility.

  • A Guided Hypnosis, describes a Hypnosis often provided by an App or Website. They are usually pre-recorded and inducea hpnosis like state with underlying music

  • A Hypnosis is conducted by a trained and certified Hypnotist. Hypnotherapy by Psychlogists or Hypnotherapist and are mainly focused on clinical disorders, such as PTSD, Depression and such.

  • A Self-Hypnosis is a self induced hypnotic state to manage anxieties, pain and/or support in Post-Hypnosis.
  • The client is always in control, and all suggestions are alligned with the clients interest and support

  • Hypnosis is not for everyone, but for most (90%)

  • Hypnosis is proven to be very effective

  • Hypnosis is very effective in children

  • You are always in control!!!

  • KEEP in mind: Always look for a trained and certified Hypnotist!

  • Hypnosis is not a Show as you might have seen in some clips online or elsewhere. Street-Hynosis, or Show-Hynosis are for Show only.

So come, Let`s Hypnotize! Namaste! Armaan