Hypnosis with Armaan

GA Suite open hands

“Hynosis is a very effective method to dive deep beyond the surface of our perception, and bring long lasting changes. The possibilities are endless, as is our struggle to change if we can´t explore a new direction when nothing worked before.”



Application for Hypnosis are extensive, and are suitable for children as well:

"The ultimate goal is your success. You can free yourself from
everything that held you back to be your best self"

  • Weight reduction

  • Establish Body Acceptance

  • Improving your sleeping hygiene

  • Reducing stress, anxiety, and anger

  • Overcoming unwanted/unhealthy habits, (e.g., smoking, nail-biting)

  • Changing behavioral and emotional patterns

  • Conquering fears

  • Increasing self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Improving focus, concentration, and performance in sports, school, or at work

  • Pain management

  • Eliminate excessive spending

    And many more applications……….

So come, Let`s Hypnotize! Namaste! Armaan

What to expect:

-Hypnosis Online or Offline by a trained and certified Hypnotist
FREE initial consultation (Online)
-A safe space where you can be you, without judgement
-An active and dedicated listener
-Custom made Sessions based on your needs & desires (Roughly 2 hours each)
Adults are generally treated with 1 to 4 sessions, depending on the individual goal
Children sessions are not pre-rated and are always Offline
-Extensive Pre-Session (Roughly 1.5 hours)
-Each session is progressive and builds upon the work from the previous session. No two sessions are alike.
-After Care if desired

***Please note that results may vary from person to person. No result can be graded as “Typical”


How it works

  • You book your “Let`s Hypnotize” FREE initial consultation (Online)
  • We conduct an Online consultation session in which we determine if hypnosis could work for you and discuss questions you may have.
  • After the FREE initial consultation, you order your “Hypnosis package” and reserve a date for our Pre-Session, which is usually held Online. Here we discuss deeper issues, establish a frame work for the following sessions and further questions can be asked
  • Your sessions is held Online or Offline, that depends on the established frame work and your location and subject that is being worked on.
  • If the session is held Online, then I will send you a Link to Connect Secure Online latest a day before our session.
    If the App is new to you, you might want to get acquainted beforehand and test your equipment with it.
    And then we are good to go and have our “Let`s Hypnotize” session!
    Technical prequirements:
    -A Laptop or PC. Phones and Tablets are usually not suitable
    -Stereo Headset
    -Preferably a HD Video Camera
    -A stable Internet Connection
    Location prequirements:
    -A comfortable chair or sofa
    -I need to be able to see your head, hands and torso in full view
    -A blanket
    -An undisturbed environment
    -A glass of water
    -After care time for yourself

    I look forward to meeting you!