About Armaan

GA Blue Smile

My life is not in the past, nor the future; it’s here right now. All that’s left of the past are pictures and memories, for the future, it’s only ideas.



I had a Crisis.
The situation I was in lasted for 15 years, and I had no means of getting out. But then I did.
I started a journey that led me here today, being content with who I am and what I do.
My transformation began by promising myself to never ever let myself get into the same or similar situation again!
And so I began to search within myself and on the outside for all the questions I had.
I started to meditate; engulfed myself in Energywork; Lightworking; Facereading; Psychology and Counseling. And I changed my focus on what I wanted from life, rid myself of all I didn`t need and want.
I started to study Psychology; Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis and Psychotherapie.
Talking was a big help in my transformation. That is what started it all, and I believe talking will help you too!
Maybe not to get all the answers at once, but to get started somewhere, and pave a way to a happier you, with a more fulfilled life!

So come, Let`s Talk! Namaste! Armaan