Talks with Armaan

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There are trees, birds, flowers, people, life all around me. None of it I see or hear, because my thoughts are a wall that I can not penetrate.

“To break a wall you need tools. Tools you might not have, or need to be rediscovered. Let us create or discover the tools for you to break that wall, and live!”


“Talking is Selfcare”

You are feeling “bottled up”?
You are stressed?
You can not think straight?
You are looking for change?
You need to climb a mountain of problems, but you feel unable to?
You feel unheard?
You feel sad, anxious, scared, lost, or off track?

For any of the above or any other reason, talk about it,

  • to relieve your mind
  • to articulate your thoughts
  • to reflect on your thoughts
  • to organize your toughts
  • to learn to describe your feelings and emotions
  • to create new thoughts

    And so much more!

So come, Let`s Talk! Namaste! Armaan


What to expect:

-A safe space where you can be you, without judgment
-An active and dedicated listener
-Responses that are honest and unbiased
-Real Interest in you as who you are
-Understanding and Compassion
-NLP Session from a trained and certified NLP Practitioner
-Hypnosis Session from a trained and certified Hypnotist
-Psychological help if needed and asked for
-Spiritual guidance


How it works

When you book your “Let`s Talk” session, I will ask you what you would like to talk about.
If you are uncertain, or you rather not say ahead of time, it is up to you!
For our talk it is recommended:
-Think and feel into the subject you like to talk about
-Have something to drink
-Create an environment that allows you to be private and undisturbed

All talks are done Online!
I will send you a Link to Connect Secure Online a day before our talk.
If the App is new to you, you might want to get acquainted beforehand and test your equipment with it.
And then we are good to go and have our “Let`s Talk”!
I look forward to meeting you!