What the f*ck is wrong with me?

What the f*ck is wrong with me?

If you ever went through a deep and narrow valley of suffering, then this might be just the
questions you asked yourself more or less often.
No, there is no simple answer to that, but I can assure you it’s likely not as
bad as you think.

Just right now your frustration, depression, fear, anger won`t allow you to evaluate your
situation objectively.

But no worries, your thought is that of many, right now and everywhere. And there are
ways to make you feel better.

That belief alone will not change anything fundamentally, though.

I can speak of my own experiences, as I went through such a notion all too
often in my life.
And every time it got better. It took me some years of work, and with time, my
valleys became way less deep and the walk through the valley way less long.

What did I do?

First I acknowledged I have a problem

If I hadn`t done this, I would have felt better eventually but would hit
rock-bottom in no time again.
When I did acknowledge that I had a problem, I also realized I could not help
myself. So my second step was:

I asked for help

From that moment on, when I actually accepted and received help, things moved
for the better very quickly for me. For a while, I was speeding on a highway
and there was no stopping until it did, or at least it slowed down just before
a total halt. I hit rock-bottom again, but this time I used some tools I
collected during my highway race and worked with them.

This moved me out of the valley way faster, but in my opinion not fast enough, so I
continued my work, a bit more slow, but nonetheless with enthusiasm. Sure there
were setbacks, but I destroyed one loop after another.

Today I do have my valleys still, and I am certain they are part of our being, but I began
to embrace the situation, with all the feelings and emotions that come with
them. I can accept that and sometimes outright enjoy them.

Before I acknowledged that I had a problem and that I needed help, the valleys with all
the emotion and feeling were dominating my daily life. From the moment of
waking until the moment of blissful sleep. My scream for help stopped that
dominance and I found my way back to a life where I am in control, and when I
feel I lose control again, I let it come, breathe, and use my tools to ease out
of it quickly.

Its work, its not always easy. Sometimes it can take years. Sometimes we will
be set back to Start, but every step we take to move away from being controlled
by our Valleys is worth the effort.

I was able to do it and so are you.

We just need to find that moment of truth with ourselves and make that very
first step to a more minded and fulfilled life. Be brave!

We all deserve this!

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