A thought bubble on personal change

A thought bubble on personal change

A rock will always remain a rock

Once maybe it was a mountain and parted into smaller rocks through erosion or quakes.

It may be gradually downsizing in time, become a stone in a garden, in a driveway,
and it may also become sand corn at some beach or in the ocean,
and it will remain that for a long time after a watcher has passed on.
It may become dust and maybe it becomes invisible to anyone so small.

But it is there.

Always in its core a mountain…..a rock……a stone….. sand corn, dust, in our terms of eternity,
no matter what we label it.

We are remaining in our core who and what we are, may we shape our external self anyway we want…..we are who we are and it is on us to find out what or who that is.
And be it.

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