A Thought on Wealth

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Thoughts growing from Seeds

Wealth: A thought

The good, the bad, the ugly

Wealth is often connected with money and power, power with strength, and strength with survival.
Ultimately is wealth a strong weapon for survival in our society. The sense of survival in our society is also a prison for our being.
What wealth do we need to accumulate to survive in our society? What do we need to do to get there? Do we need to corrupt our own (well) being to reach that level? What when we reached our proclaimed wealth level? Do we stop, or do we raise the level of wealth? Do we know what wealth level we need, despite want? What does this race for wealth do to me?
Do I miss out on something else that may be more important, but I am not aware of it?

And so many more questions directing us to a discussion on the meaning of being, wealth, society, and our future. Too many to write down……..Many answers too, but are we open to hearing them?

Let`s Talk about it!