A Thought on Resilience

Ein Gedanke über Idealismus

A Thought on Resilience

What does our resilience have to do with a sponge, a bouncy ball, or memory foam?
Well, they all return to their original form after the experience of an impact.
A tin does not have that resilience, nor do have cars that ability.

But humans are even further developed than a sponge or anything made of matter. After we experience a psychological impact, we have the amazing ability to not only bounce back to our original shape but grow from the experience.

Of course, this depends on several factors if and how well our Resilience works, however, the groundwork is laid out for us when we are born. And we can at any moment in our lives decide to develop this Resilience system further, repair it, or alter it if we realize that our Resilience level is very low, or we feel we want to grow further faster. No matter the reason, it is worth it to look at our Resilience system and how we cope with psychological impacts in our day-to-day life.

A certain Skillset is important, and it’s not being a “Strong person” per se.

Skills can be Self-awareness, Mindfulness, Self-Care, purpose, acceptance, and positive Relationships, and all can be broken down further.

Do we possess all, or most skills are we well prepared for psychological impacts, bounce back well, and grow from the experience? If we don`t possess them we might on the other hand develop psychological problems that can influence our daily lives greatly and how we perceive people, tasks, our future outlook, and many other aspects of how we feel and how we think.

If you experience a low level of resilience and have difficulties bouncing back after an impact then we shall Talk about it.

So come Lets-Talk