I don`t need anyone to help me!

I don`t need anyone to help me!

That is a statement that many might recognize.

The reason for stating this can be a multitude of beliefs.

The belief

-no one can be trusted
-no one is able to help
-no one can understand
-I can make it on my own
-what doesn`t kill me, makes me harder
-I may not show weakness
-I am not allowed to express whom I believe to be
-I am a bad person
-I am useless anyway
-Nobody loves me anyway
-they will lock me up in an institution

-I am beyond help
-I must be strong
-I can`t admit something is wrong
-I am inadequat

And so many more.

We all have our own beliefs why we don`t ask for help. I say “We” because I come from that place too. Some never do, and some do when the pain becomes unbearable, or the crisis is making living impossible. But we don`t want to die. Maybe we want to, but something keeps us from doing the not-so-unthinkable.

Good! Stop there! Breath! Slowly, deeply, and keep on breathing. Keep on and hear me out!


There are many just like us. Deeply hurt, deeply miserable, deeply depressed, mentally or physically abused, pain-stricken, deep in pain of loss and hopelessness. Thoughts ravaging, hateful thoughts, hurtful thoughts. Never-ending. First after waking, and last before finally finding sleep that is eluding us all too often. Scared, disillusioned, and alone.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are not alone!

There is a story to all of us that wants to be heard!

Your story too, it wants to be heard and that is just the beginning of your developing story.
A story that you can direct. Nothing that was can be rewritten, but what lies ahead can be written the way we want to. Use the same energy of your resilience instead to ask for help, use the same energy you use to keep up your beliefs to take that leap of faith and ask for help.

There are many of us, that are here for you! You are NOT alone!