A Thought on Idealism vs. Pragmatism in Psychology

Ein Gedanke über Idealismus

A Thought on Idealism vs. Pragmatism in Psychology

I love pragmatism. It gets things done, allows thinking outside the box, creates new ideas, and is an attitude that seeks resolutions rather than sticking to static rules and regulations. It’s a philosophy that works in a day-to-day environment, but also in the psychological praxis.

This accounts for both the Client and the Practitioner.

Idealism is a sucker for scientific findings, everything else is pretty
much questionable info; Pragmatism is not based on a perfect working theory,
but on a workable format that can be altered and changed in any way until it
works or becomes proven not to work.

It does require a certain attitude from both parties.

Let’s say the Client isn´t pragmatic, but the Practitioner is.

Whatever the Practitioner tells the Client will likely be questioned unless it’s scientifically proven to work and the only way it would work. In Psychology, too many factors are accounted for the success of many therapy approaches, that could be called scientifically proven.

As the client might not believe per se in the techniques suggested, it might
alter the effects of a positive belief toward the outcome.
Not what any practitioner is aiming for.

On the other hand, is the client pragmatic, but not the Practitioner, the
the client will not have the benefit of having access to all possible formats or
available treatments, except the ones that are scientifically proven.

I didn’t finish the thought, but maybe I will get input from you!

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