Stress is one of the most used words in our day-to-day life, and we all have a different understanding of what Stress is and what it means to us.

Also are we all different in our awareness of stress. Some show clear signs, some we do only register subconsciously.

The most common understanding of Stress is being overwhelmed.
The cause can be a multitude and a combination of several factors from noise, a threat to individual wellbeing, aggression, fast driving, pressure at work, financial burden,  frightening movies, unhappy relationships and so many more.

There is no correlation with a specific level of any cause that induces stress.
That means what is stress for the one is no stress for the other.
And that is an important fact to point out for our understanding and compassion of others!

Some get agitated by a noisy road and others don`t, and even if all would get similarly agitated the reaction/coping mechanism for everyone is different.

And as many stress levels and causes for stress there may be; there are as many psychological and physical reactions to it.
It may cause high blood pressure, faster Pulse, muscle tensions, digestive problems, the immune system weakens, sleeplessness, and many others, no matter if it is acute stress or chronic.

The psychological downside paired with emotions can be as diverse and ranges from anxiety, depression, aggressiveness, being unconcentrated, memory impairment, panic attacks,  fatigue, even PTSD, and many more. Leave alone the vast amount of psychosomatic illnesses.

The perception of Stress for most has a negative attachment, some believe Stress can be positive and negative, some believe Stress is neither positive nor negative.

In ways, I tend to believe that Stress is indeed neither good nor bad, but the same.
In exacter terms “eustress”, or positive Stress, and “distress”, for negative Stress are the same. All that differs is the perception and how we
respond to Stress.

Simple physical signs, like sweat, heightened blood
pressure, the heightened pulse rate can be a sign of either Eustress or Distress.

The first positive approach to Stress is the realization of its existence.
It requires us to feel our bodies, read and understand the meaning of our body reactions,
including our intuitive feelings.

There are many techniques to find your Center or be in your Center in a Stress situation
which enables you to react to a situation in the best possible way.

Most important, don`t ignore it, realize and Talk about it!