Be here now

Be here now

The ultimate! This is life living! Something real to attain.

This moment where you are nothing, but here! You are not a father, a mother, a brother, or sister, a doctor, banker, a driver, a seeker, a rich or poor person. There is no past and no future…….It all falls away.
It’s you at the moment! That’s it!

Ram Dass wrote about it, so did Alan Watts. Osho and Sadhguru talked in length about this concept too.

That should be easy enough, no?. I am here now. So all done, good to go!
Is it that simple?

In ways it is; just our perceived reality is in the way. Our ego, our busy, hectic, and stressful lives; our desires, wants, and needs. Social media, the smartphone do the rest. Entertainment all day, all week, almost every moment.
What happens in us and around us, is not present.

Every worry for future events, even if it is a ticket for speeding that we expect and might be high, attached maybe the impounding of the driver’s license for a month, keeps us from being in the now. Too many maybes and might. The resentments we have for past events or people around us keep us from being in the now.

Imagine how many times your thought carousel kept you away from being in the moment, from feeling the beauty of everything around you.

The color of the leaves. The feeling of the light breeze on your skin.

The flower in your front garden, its beauty, its fragrance. Every petal is perfectly arranged. Changing direction towards the sun all the time.

Ants on their way up the bloom, a bee nurtured.

A butterfly passing.

Nature’s perfection in full beauty…..stand still, look, listen, love.
Feel yourself at the moment, connect, be.

One moment at a time……..because that’s all we got!

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