A Thought on Happiness

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A Thought on Happiness


Never-ending Happiness!

“It is an important thing, in our never-ending pursuit of happiness, to stop and just be happy for a while”, wrote Mark Twain

Happiness is not ever never-ending, while our search for it is. In our pursuit for happiness, we are hardly
ever taking the time to reflect and to become aware of who we are, what we have,
and what is all around us. A humble reflection of our being is a good start to
realize that we might have missed opportunities to have happy moments, by
simply not stopping ever.
The awareness alone will alter our perception of what happiness is for us. It
isn´t the new, but unnecessary and expensive car, while maybe for a moment, but what
is next? Probably the next faster, bigger more expensive car.

Awareness and reflection
are strong tools to find those moments of happiness! There are many, so stop
and enjoy them as long as they last and have the next one coming. There is
nothing to search for….its already there.

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