Attitude and Change


Attitude and Change

Attitude is what drives us; Attitude defines our actions in a situation, a
task, a belief, a plan, a person, pretty much anything.

No Attitude, or a neutral Attitude keeps us in a state of
stillness, inaction, and if we act we don`t focus on the outcome.
A positive Attitude will focus on a positive outcome, and
while the result may not be as desired, will keep on trying.
A negative Attitude will focus on defense, strong
standpoints, even sabotage.
And finally, a sick Attitude, or silken Attitude, has no real
Fokus and is simply negative and aggressive.

Taking into consideration that all Attitudes are based on the same
components, like cognition, behavior, and emotion, it’s safe to say that any
deficiency in any area of the components results in a NONpositive attitude.

On the subject of personal development, Attitude is of great importance
No Attitude sees no importance in changing
Positive Attitude wants and seeks change
Negative Attitude doesn´t want to change
Sikken attitude can`t change

If you have a positive attitude towards change then that’s something to talk
about! So Let`s Talk!

Let`s Talk about it!