Texting vs Talking

Texting vs Talking


Talking or having a conversation is just one way to communicate. In the last decade, it has been on a decline in many aspects.

Direct conversations on a Face-to-Face Basis became more rare,
instead of Text messages or Voice, messages have taken over.
It’s not a Good or Bad situation, also because there are positive aspects to it.
For example, are well-crafted text messages usually short and to the point and do save time.

They are also instant and can be read in situations the receiver can`t talk but the message weighs importance.
But it doesn`t stop there.
Texting is used on a scale that can be overwhelming for many.

It also became a popular tool to avoid confrontations, even with Oneself.
Whenever we face a difficult situation that needs resolve we tend to text the person or use texting to get our mind off the subject and delay the resolution.
With this, we bit by bit lose the ability to deal with confrontations directly and in person.

Ultimately do we also lose the ability to understand non-verbal cues and may harm our interpersonal development overall, if we use texting excessively.

Just remember how often you were unsure of what the texting person meant or in what emotional state the person is, despite the many emojis the person might have used.
And this counts for the receiver of your text just the same.

Interpretation of text messages is difficult for anyone, sure emoji help.
At times relationships, lose and close, have ended this way, just because of misunderstandings in text messages that triggered other underlying problems.

In relationships, it is important to communicate directly to maintain a healthy
relationship, and also to maintain interpersonal development and understanding
non-verbal cues, emotions and to act empathically.

If we expand that outside our close relationship, we will also learn new non-verbal cues (Body language).

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