A thought on comparing ourselves

A thought on comparing ourselves: Nothing to compare

When a master met a new follower, the follower said, ” it is so wonderful to finally meet you”.
The master replied ” before I can say the same you need to tell me ‘who are you'”

“I am nothing master”

” You are nothing you say, but then I can see you, so you are something, so who are you?”

“I am nothing compared to you master is what I had wanted to say” “I am nothing in your Light“, the new follower stuttered

The master sat still for a moment before he replied.

“You are lost in this world forever if you compare.
Pinch yourself and feel if you are, look in the mirror if you see something….and if we both do it we will see and feel the same….us.

But if you compare you become a part of a circle without an end.
You will always see somebody in front and somebody behind you in that circle…and when you believe you have reached the final level you will face the next.
It is machinery that was created for humankind to be stuck in.

To compare is to feed your ego, I want to be as good as someone in front and at the same time I am better than somebody behind……both feed the ego and both will keep you from becoming free.

Do not compare….simply be what you are in the mirror…..but do not try to be the mirror, because you are simply not.

The mirror only gives a reflection of yourself at that very moment, nothing more nothing less.
Be that reflection at that moment and when you are not looking into the mirror be that fully whatever you are in that very moment, nothing more and nothing less.

When you compare you create fears.

Look at you now, are you not fearful to not become like me….the master?”

The follower nodded quietly.

“I can tell you, you will not ever become like me, because you are not me, but you can become yourself, the reflection in that mirror that is you. Look at you now and see, truly see yourself, nothing more and nothing less, nothing greater can be reached but to be yourself in full awareness”


I wrote this many years ago, inspired by Osho and his teachings.

And as it is all too often, by rereading something I began to question the comprehensibility,
while the message remains the same. I left it almost unchanged in the end and you shall be the judge.

Keep in mind that we are all unique, and while this was said so often, it is true still. And you are not just unique in one way, no, in billions of ways. Each cell is unique, each mindset is unique. Nothing of you exists in its entirety a second time. Not even if you have a twin!

That’s amazing, and so are you!

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