Everything flows and why don`t we

Everything flows and why don`t we?

Looking at the concept of “everything flows”, from a biological, philosophical, or esoteric point of view, or any other point at that, we come to the same conclusion. The concept is beyond a concept, it’s factual regarding change. Some may argue that a transformation supersedes change and is way more fundamental. True but it does in real life mean change just the same in my opinion. So here I do not differentiate between the two.

Flow is change, and it’s constant, there is no stopping it, maybe you can slow it down, but change is inevitable. This is the same for you, me, anyone!

In our genes, we know that! They are the powerhouse of change.
That’s for biology

We cannot step into the same river twice, said Heraclitus
That’s for Philosophy

Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates
That’s for Esotericism

So how come that in so many ways we try to control things and beings? Isn`t it useless, maybe even counterproductive.

I believe our trap lies within the missing bridge between our thoughts and physical matter.
Of the bridge between us, as the mind, and the physical world.
This makes us believe even that body and mind are two separate entities.
While they are not. We are a unit, connected with everything. Nothing is separate, nothing is disintegrated.

So it’s mostly about that our mind (we) wants control, the security of continuity. That the sun rises in the morning we take for granted, the same with breathing, until the day we don`t. Religious or not, we all have enough faith for that. The sun will rise for a few more billion years and that means to us it’s eternal.

While it`s not really, we do not contemplate it, because for our life term there will be sunrises and sunsets.

We apply that also to other areas of our day-to-day life, for a feeling of comfort and security!

McDonald’s gives us the safety to get the same food wherever we go, with the same taste.
Wedding vows the impression the person across will be with me until death parts us.
A promise is a promise and will not be broken.
A belief is engraved in stone.

So while the world around us is in constant change, we do create a microcosmos of continuity.

Why may this be counterproductive to our development and enjoyment in life?

Imagine: You go to your favorite Fast-food Outlet. You have a vision of what you want to eat, you can almost taste it before you have it. The sales rep tells you it was discontinued and in leu, a new item was introduced. First, there will likely be a feeling of disappointment, then contemplation, then a decision, yes new item, or no I go else place.

The disappointment originates from an expectation, and while this is a very simple example, we have those expectations in plenty. And contrary to the flowing of things, expectations are unsurprisingly resilient towards change.

Disappointment is the child of expectation. Frustration the child of disappointments. And still, we do not waver and continue to expect.

What my partner said years ago is still expected to be true today.
What we bought in a certain quality years ago we expect to have today.
The weather of a season is expected to be in a seasonal way.
A vacation, our level of fitness, our abilities or inabilities at a certain age are predicted.
And this I could continue for a long while.

Expectations are the archenemy of change.

The flow challenges our comfort zone. The flow is testing us, the flow is scaring us, the flow seems to make us lose control. But it’s happening, one way or the other.

Opposed to the previous belief, to let go of expectations, to embrace change, does the exact opposite.

Imagine, you are out of expectations! What happens?
Our comfort zone is eliminated, we are comfortable.
If we eliminate disappointments, we are satisfied.
When we downsize our belief system, we become curious!
We stop seeking control, things will happen naturally as if in control.
If we learn to let go, we will feel freer.

Yes, that is very radical, and indeed possible if you are becoming a recluse in the mountains. Or a Buddhist monk. But contemplate to make a first Step toward supporting the natural flow of things in your very own microcosmos. Its worth your while!

You don`t know how, then this is something we can discuss?!

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